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Renegade Lights specializes in the installation of Motorcycle LED lights; Lazer LED lights; Custom motorcycle lights, and motorcycle accessories for any and all makes and models of motorcycles, motor trikes, and any other vehicle which can carry a 12 volt battery (cars, golf carts, ATVs--let your imagination run wild) We are enthusiastic motorcyclists ourselves and want every rider to have the ride of their life, and enjoy the excitement, aesthetic appeal, and safety of Motorcycle LED Lights. Renegade Lights is the only company that has the Lazer LEDs on the market today. Remember think Renegade Lights when you think of motorcycle led lights.

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Featured products
thumbnail_PLMCA60.jpg thumbnail_Flexible_Color_Changing  12.png
Cycle Series 300 watts Weatherproof Speakers system
CODE: ca60
CODE: 02
Price: $314.95
Out of stock

Price: $45.95
Out of stock

thumbnail_gift_certificate.jpg thumbnail_Belt_buckle22.png
CODE: gc2
Renegade Belt Budkle
Price: $75.00

Price: $140.00

thumbnail_Pink 1.5 Light.png thumbnail_HID_HARLEY4.jpg
Ultimate Pink LEDS
Ultra Classic FLHTCUI H4
Price: $15.95

Price: $125.00

thumbnail_chameleonz-super-kit.jpg thumbnail_LDS48gn_small  green.jpg
8 Pod color changing light kits, with the R C, 3 Remote . ,remote warranty for one year
CODE: 4800-03
Green Supreme 48 Inch Flex Strips
CODE: 1420
Price: $258.99

Price: $88.95

thumbnail_LDS12WT_cover  white.jpg thumbnail_chameleonz%20sizes.jpg
White Supreme 48 Inch Flex Strips
CODE: 1450
color changing lights 9 leds 1.5 inches long
CODE: 4800-01
Price: $88.95
Out of stock

Price: $29.95

thumbnail_MDLED1OR_cover.jpg thumbnail_MDLED5BL_C_cover.jpg
Super 3 Orange Lazer L.E.D
CODE: 2005
Super 5 Blue Lazer L.E.D.
CODE: 1002
Price: $9.95

Price: $12.95

thumbnail_MDLED2GN_C_cover.jpg thumbnail_cm002-11.jpg
Courtesy Green L.E.D. lights
CODE: 3003
on/off/ remote, warranty for one year
CODE: 7004
Price: $9.95

Price: $35.95



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